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People usually think of healthy food as tasteless and boring. 

At Aivee Cafe, we make people feel and think otherwise. 

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A holistic approach to comfort food

When people think healthy, they think that food doesn’t taste good. But that is what Aivee Cafe has been proving wrong all along through our holistic approach to food and beverages by showcasing a perfect harmony of balanced nutrition and flavor to suit the taste of people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. At Aivee Cafe, we believe that beauty and wellness should not only be on the outside but must also radiate from the inside. 


Bringing together an extensive menu of must-try specialties on our menu such as our vegan menu customized by Singaporean vegan chef Alicia Ann Lip, and with our in-house board-certified dietician and nutritionist along with our team of skillful chefs, Aivee Cafe will bring you an artfully designed food selection that not only will tickle your senses for good food but will also satisfy your health-conscious palate.

Where beauty meets wellness

The Aivee Cafe is under the management of the Aivee Group, a company that has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to beauty and health. Nestled in the bustling Bonifacio Global City, right inside the luxurious A Institute, the Aivee Cafe was meant to be a healthy foodie haven where patients and even non–patients can hang out and refuel with healthy and delectable comfort food. 


The Aivee Cafe brings in a brand of exquisite dining experience starting from the aesthetic cafe itself that exudes luxury and comfort, to the food selections that elegantly satisfy your cravings without making you feel any guilt. 

Solace for those looking for healthy and delicious meals

No more cheat days when we now have healthy options for our comfort food favorites. Healthy eating is all about feeling great, having more energy to do more, and improving your health. Beauty and holistic wellness should not only be nurtured outside but also on the inside. 

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