Enjoy an Exquisite Dining Experience

Welcome to Aivee Cafe, a unique cafe concept located at the heart of the A Institute and the Aivee Clinic! Housing a spin on a delectable selection of dishes that cater to the palate of those who seek to experience something new. With the balanced focus between beauty and wellness, the Aivee Cafe features a uniquely-curated menu of appetizing and taste bud-satisfying recipes!


Come and dine at Aivee Cafe, an aesthetic space for the eyes to feast and the palate to get layered with flavours! 

Our Menu

At the Aivee Cafe, food quality, portion, and taste are uncompromised. Never letting you run out of options with a series of craving-satisfying desserts, pasta, salads, healthy drinks, and more—all made with the best and fresh produce and goods. 


Check out our extensive menu and diversify your palate with the taste of comfort and culture!

Culinary DELIGHT

“We offer a perfect harmony of flavorful and exquisite cuisine inspired by flavors and incredible ingredients. With our team of highly-skilled chefs, the Aivee Cafe is set to bring our guests a concoction of diverse menu fueled by the love of culture and goal to serve beauty and wellness. Saving you a seat to a tableful of exquisite selection without the guilt that is typically associated with food.”

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